Enables real-time assessment of “what representative of what corporation viewed what page and for how long (minutes and seconds) before making an inquiry” and “after making an inquiry, when did the representative visit again and what page was viewed.” AshiAto enables you to acquire information from confirmation of overall website visits to assessment of behavior by prospective customers and visualization of purchasing desire.
It also enables advanced usage of web channels in marketing and sales activities.


Today, there is increasing importance for creating potential customers through web channels, as well as linking such potential to actual business.
Use various media to attract customers to your company’s website and then conduct appropriate response for leads. Also, lead nurturing activities which realize actual business opportunities from the acquired leads.
Our company has developed AshiAto, a web browsing visualization tool for effective subsequent sales actions.

<Feature 1>
Real-time assessment of browsing behavior enables timely approach.

When the website is viewed by a customer registered as a new lead or a customer who has already been registered as a lead, AshiAto performs real-time storage of the browsing history in Salesforce.
This makes it possible to take swift action immediately upon acquiring a new lead or when a stagnated lead is worthy of reconsideration.

<Feature 2>
Management of pages viewed, total time spent on website, and number of visits realizes appropriate lead scoring.

The number/frequency of visits to the website, number of pages viewed per visit and time spent on website can be obtained from AshiAto as criteria for estimating the potential of new customer leads. This enables even more detailed lead scoring.

<Feature 3>
Assessment of the pages browsed and keywords browsed when entering the website makes it possible to predict the customer’s interest.

Assessment of the pages browsed and keywords browsed when entering the website makes it possible to predict the customer’s interest.
In addition to inquiry content and other information written by the customer, the pages viewed at the time of inquiry and before, the time spent viewing pages, the referrer, and search keywords can be acquired from AshiAto. This makes it possible to assess and form hypotheses on the customer’s interest, thus enabling a more effective sales approach.


When a party registered in Salesforce CRM as a “Lead” or “Contact” visits your website, AshiAto automatically stores that history to Salesforce.
When a lead from the website is newly registered to the Salesforce standard function “Web-to-Lead,” AshiAto automatically stores the webpage browsing history within the website until the time of registration.
AshiAto also stores information on visits prior to registration.
History such as “search→browse→exit,” “revisit→exist” and “revisit→inquiry” make it possible to assess what page was viewed and for how many minutes.
When an email is sent to the customer as part of lead cultivation activities, the history for links clicked within that email can be acquired by using an email distribution tool.
However, until now, there was no way to know if registered customers suddenly visited your website.
When using AshiAto, once a customer has been registered, information on subsequent visits is recorded in real-time to Salesforce CRM.
This makes it possible to assess the customer’s stage of consideration and level of interest, thus enabling timely sales activities. AshiAto also calculates daily totals for access to all registered websites. This enables numerical assessment for the total process. For example, you can see how many leads were acquired in relations to access parameters, and how many of those leads resulted in the acquisition of new customers.

<List of Functions>

■System structure & data flow

Similar to Salesforce.com, AshiAto is a service provided using a cloud.
The following two patterns of data coordination are used between the websites Salesforce and AshiAto in order to assess the history of browsing behavior.

[1] Web?to?Lead Trigger

This chart shows data flow when acquiring website browsing history from Web-to-Lead.
AshiAto uses a cloud environment to store website browsing history for a maximum of one year. History data retained at the time of website visitor registration using Web-to-Lead is registered in Salesforce.
Records are immediately stored during subsequent visits to the website.

[2] Email URL click trigger

This chart shows data flow when acquiring website browsing information from a click on an email URL which has been assigned an ID
When sending an email to a designated “Lead” or “Contact” in Salesforce, the Salesforce ID is added to the URL within the email text.
Clicking on the link URL causes ID information to be sent to AshiAto and the browsing history information is stored to Salesforce.


Initial cost: Free
Monthly cost: Fees are charge depending on the number of page views (number of requests) for the web page for which history is acquired.

Number of page views per monthMonthly fees
Less than 10,00030,000 yen per month
Less than 100,00050,000 yen per month
Less than 300,000100,000 yen per month
More than 300,000Negotiable

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