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BRIGDE International Company Profile : Greeting Message

Always the right partner for solving all your problems in BtoB sales.

Since its foundation in 2002, our Company has been expanding its business with the intention of constantly solving all your problems in BtoB sales. During all this time, we have been bolstering improvement of management efficiency and achievement of sales goals over a medium-to-long term by supporting application of 'hybrid sales' as a two-fold process, divided in 'field sales' and 'non field sales at face-to-face', within a large range of companies. We are very proud of having received praises as a BtoB sales innovating partner from many clients.

Although the Japanese economy began to show signs of improving due to the 'Abenomics' measures after being stagnant since the end of last year, the situation remains unpredictable because of the prolonged deflation. It even can be said that we actually have entered an era of uncertainties, where incidents in some countries instantaneously have repercussions on the overall economy, and not only on the respective country. Faced with such a highly uncertain business environment, we believe that management techniques also need various new improvements.

To win out in such tough circumstances, BRIDGE has been further developing and strengthening our information and know-how on 'hybrid sales' and is now proposing you the introduction of innovative management techniques denominated 'Inside Sales Management (ISM)'.
The ISM consists of management techniques using Inside Sales (i.e., 'telesales') to establish and manage 'sales' and their status, both of them extremely important among management indicators. This way, the ISM is certain to achieve sales targets.
In order to pave our clients' way toward a successful introduction of the ISM, the Group works endlessly through a concerted effort by all of our employees in search for delivering high-quality services, including consulting services providing 'scheme', outsourcing services providing 'resources', and system solution providing 'tools'.

Looking forward, we will continue to make from BRIDGE a reliable partner for solving all your problems in BtoB sales nationwide.

July 2013