Today, there is increasing importance for creating potential customers through web channels, as well as linking such potential to actual business. Not only is it time-consuming to conduct the same sales activities for all prospective customers, it is ineffective. This is not an efficient way to do business.
Based on preset conditions, SCOBLE makes it possible to evaluate a large number of leads based on quality and to prioritize subsequent actions. In this way, by visualizing the possibility of potential customers, SCOBLE enables you to take effective subsequent sales action.


For potential customers registered as a “Lead” or “Contact” in Salesforce, SCOBLE assigns a score based on the number of records and contents such as related “Task,” “Event,” “Campaign Member,” and “Account.”
To realize efficient marketing activities, SCOBLE assigns a specific score according to attributes, customer behavior and customer statements for which past experience indicates that an order is likely. This score is assigned to potential customers, allowing you to target the best opportunities.
Furthermore, in order to continue efficient marketing activities, it is important to refine the set conditions and points while considering the actual score for leads which turned into orders, as well as constantly changing factors and conditions both internally and externally.


[Scoring performed based on multiple elements]

The “Current Project Accuracy” is a numerical indicator for the possibility of receiving an order. This index is calculated from a variety of customer behaviors and customer statements including web browsing, answer to questionnaires and content of inquiries.
Furthermore, the “Expected Sales Amount” is a numerical indicator for the amount of sales generated from the order. This index is calculated from customer attributes such as the lead sales amount and size/contents of the transaction.
Scoring is performed based on the two elements of Current Project Accuracy and Expected Sales Amount.
Sales resources should be focused on leads which have high values for both indexes. Conversely, leads with low scores can be placed on maintenance through measures such as providing information by email magazine only. This enables you to effectively allocate resources depending on the current value of the lead.

[Perform scoring for each product of your company]

For each of your company’s products, lead conditions are set for customer attributes, questionnaire response, implementation cycle and website pages which are browsed. Through visual assessment for products of interest and purchase desire for each lead, you can perform appropriate sales activities.


Initial cost: Free
SCOBLE can be used immediately simply by installing from AppExchange to Salesforce and then performing settings according to the manual.
We also offer separate consulting services for recommendations on specific scoring conditions.
Monthly cost: from 15,000 yen

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