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Inside Sales Consulting

Supports the establishment of Inside Sales.

The consulting service consists of providing support in proposal of sales strategies all the way to business design in order to enable the use of optimum Inside Sales (IS), proportional to the results of the targeted market so as to maximize the sales productivity of customers.
The key to succeed in implementing Inside Sales stands in specifying 'what are the results expected' from the strategy at the time of introduction, as well as building up Inside Sales so that it best suits your company's business model. We build up sales models suited to both internal factors, including purpose of Inside Sales application, performance targets, or sales system, and specific factors such as target market, merchandise position and the like.
The approach design fitted to said merchandise and market is indispensable for generating results of Inside Sales. This allows maximizing effectiveness through investing optimal resources fitted to customer potential opportunity and sales communication fitted to customer needs.
At BRIDGE International Corp., we make the most of the knowledge accumulated from setting up and improving the organization of Inside Sales in many companies, as well as we support the operation plan and implementation of effective Inside Sales that are customized to every client.
ISM Model Design
● ISM Model Design
IISM Model Design
Model design consists of organizing sales processes combined with each channel in each market segment. We build up sales models based on the targeted market, merchandise, target activities by Inside Sales, and expected results.

● IS Communication & Approach Design
 IS Communication & Approach Design
In the scheme we offer, customer needs/problem is recognized by Inside Sales, and design communication capable of leading to effective sales according to the costumer attributes who might have needs in the market.

We design an approach that takes advantage of effective activities by properly using resources in accordance with target customer’s circumstances.

● ISM Operation Design
ISM Operation DesignOperation Design consists of building up a management cycle (PCDA) of IS activities and results. In order for the activity results to be visible, we set up the KPI and design the operations to enable proper activity execution toward target achievement through management of said KPI.