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Inside Sales Outsourcing

Concrete execution and know-how of Inside Sales.

Unlike Field sales, Inside Sales consist of communicating with customers using non-face-to-face channels (telephone, E-mail, etc.) which make it harder than face-to-face communication, since sales representatives must sense through voice the opponent's reaction. BRIDGE International's outsourcing service can perform high-quality Inside Sales activities in a short-term, as it provides resources in terms of permanent staff trained with special skills such as attentive listening, empathy and the like.
The supervisor (SV) for the outsourcing service is a business management expert also well versed in the sales field, who performs efficient activities toward target achievement by formulating and implementing appropriate actions in accordance with the KPI progress status.
The planner possesses knowledge and advanced analytic skills in Inside Sales business, but also she/he is aware of the industry trends. That is why she/he is capable of properly designing and verifying the means for a successful approach to the achievement of results.
Inside Sales do require skills which are different from Field sales. ISM-based Inside Sales do not function just by transferring Field sales to Inside Sales.
At BRIDGE International, we provide also an Inside Sales training service using the vast training know-how we have accumulated so far.
Concrete execution and know-how of Inside Sales
● Inside Sales Execution System
When executing IS activities, selects products that can appeal to target customers, establishes the corresponding appealing method (call plan) and formulates the activity plan. In addition, the planner reviews the KPI and analyses activities for identifying the root cause behind failure to meet the target. Revises the formulation and plan of improvement Action Plan.

Supervisor (SV)Supervisor (SV)
Improves management to maximize the IS performance by giving instructions on actions for IS activity management, individual activities and cases, as well as offering guidance for improving and developing skills in order to achieve target, based on the plan.

Inside Sales RepresentativeInside Sales Representative
Gets in contact with customers by phone or E-mail, depending on the prescribed KPI. Plans daily activities by consulting with the SV and carries out activities meant to achieve the KPI at a daily level.

● Deal Creating Structure by Inside Sales
Business Opportunities Generating Structure
● Inside Sales Training & Data Management
Inside Sales Training
In sales activities via no-face-to-face channels, 'letting the customers speak' is an important point. How to avoid a one-sided conversation and letting the customer speak? Training is conducted to enhance skills like 'attentive listening, skill to ask question, reasoning, and empathy ability' needed for this.
Data Management
Inside Sales' daily activity results, profile information and new business opportunities. If this data is not managed properly, the sales activity ROI will be impossible to grasp. Cleansing, data processing and the like are performed to ensure data freshness/accuracy.
Data Management