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System Solution

Concrete execution and know-how of Inside Sales.

In the ISM implementation, 'tools' are indispensable for operating effectively and efficiently those 'scheme' and 'resources'. Without proper 'tools', that is to say IT system/tools, the appropriate allocation of the necessary personnel could face difficulties, with the implementation process not running smoothly. As a result, Inside Sales (IS) strength, which consists of an environment of information sharing and visualization, may not be taken fully advantage of.
BRIDGE International provides construction of a system solution that supports management of 'a series of processes, i.e. designing, execution and examination of the ISM' and 'sales processes combining no field sales at face-to-face and field sales.'
For building such system solution, we endorse companies the usage of cloud system that supports rapid startup and flexible modifications during operation. In the practice, speedy action is highly regarded in sales. This is because the expectations regard faster building of the system in line with the prescribed sales policy and strategy, and additionally coping it with the changing age and market, so that it can respond with greater flexibility to the changing business.
Adding to that our accumulated know-how and a history of extended BtoB sales success, we have also developed tools meant to support the ideas of the ISM and the real sales site. These tools provided by the cloud system are available for use with no initial investment required.
● Funnel Navigator Cloud Service
We packed this system with all the necessary functions to implement the ISM within a company, and provide it to users as a cloud service. Since Funnel Navigator is packed beforehand with the necessary functions, it can easily cope with the IS. (→For details click here
Support Functions for Design to Planning
In order to effectively execute the IS, a careful system design is required. Since Funnel Navigator is already packed with templates for designing, users can perform preparations in advance.
Support Functions for Activities to Analysis
Help enhance productivity of activity management tasks and analysis operations. With these functions, the manager can grasp activity progress in real time and rapidly produce analytical data. Thanks to these functions, the manager can grasp activity progress in real time and produce rapid analytical data.
Support Functions for Improvement
Navigation allows visualization of gaps between established targets and actual results recorded as execution results. These functions allow use of the analytical principle provided by the system, and welcome additions and corrections to processes and approach scenarios shouldered by the ISM.
● Creation of Cloud System
Creation of Cloud SystemUp until now, system development required a significant initial investment and long developmental period. However, in the practice, sales are all about spending time and money, which makes it difficult for a company to get real headway against the competition. At BRIDGE, we provide service for system development on a cloud platform requiring small initial investment, in a short development period. The fact that our customers are able to avoid useless fixing operation when developing a system is also a great feature. This is possible thanks to the system assembly while prototyping. Furthermore, even after the system is created and depending on the circumstances, our customers can make flexible modifications to the system without limited action on the current system.

● Provision of Cloud Tools
SCOBLEAshiAto By drawing on our experience and a history of BtoB sales success, we have developed effective tools for sales, which we provide as cloud service. We made available sales support tools with no initial investment required. These tools include AshiAto - visualizes how customers move on the Web (views and page transitions), and SCOBLE - assigns scores depending on the prescribed large number of leads able to deal with, at random.